Cuba Weddings

Weddings in Cuba

A Groovy Kind of Love. The most stylist weddings in the world.

There can be nothing more stylish than a Cuban wedding. Whether you get spliced barefoot on a while tropical beach, in sexy Latin retro style in one of Havana’s grand clubs or in sweeping silks in a seventeenth century baroque church with a reception dinner in a colonial palace, you can be sure of a number of things. The weather will be superb – no worries about drizzle ruining the bride’s mother’s hat. All your friends will be clamouring to attend. There’ll be no exhausting travelling after the ceremony to some far-flung destination – you’re already here and if you’ve had enough of your friends and family you can whizz off to your own secluded beach, mountain or cay to revel in being by yourself. Your wedding cake will go down in history as the most elaborate edible edifice any of your guests have ever seen – ornate are Cuban speciality. And your wedding photos will be very, very beautiful.

For sheer out-and-out glamour, Cuba beats all the other Caribbean island hollow; those in the know have been getting married here since long before the Revolution. Where Cuba is different is that it’s not just another sweet little island with nice beaches – here is a uniquely seductive mixture of ingredients that produces absolutely unforgettable occasions: ancient and romantic churches and palaces, excellent hotels eighteenth century mansions, fabulous Creole wedding feasts, some of the world’s most talented musicians and undoubtedly the world’s best dance music, delectably dangerous cocktails, super-stylish cars from 40s and 50s with gleaming colours and chrome and oceans of flowers with the most glorious scents. Oh yes, and the amazing beaches.

Among those who have recently tied the knot in Cuba are the Earl and Countess of the Albemarle, whose wedding celebrations in Havana went on four days. Guests came to the island from over the world. The bride wore a stunning dress created for her by Tom Ford of Yves Saint Laurent, and her Cuban bridesmaids and pages wore cream silk and linen with burgundy silk sashes decorated with velvet flowers.

After the weddings, the Earl and Countess left the church in a shower of red rose petals to host a champagne reception, then travelled to their wedding dinner in a carriage decorated with lilies and drawn by an Arab horse.


The crowning of a glory of a Cuban wedding is the honeymoon. Whether you tastes run to hedonistic relaxation on secluded beaches or ecological adventure holidays, there is a wide range of options to choose from. Many couples hire an air-conditioned jeep or a camper in which to explore the island, wandering where they like between the mountains, the beaches, Cuba’s amazing old cities and special attractions like the beautiful Valley of Viñales. You even rent yacht and cruise between the exquisite little islands off the Cuban coast, with all the hard work of sailing and catering being taking care of by the discreet crew. So forget the dubious delights of shivering your way through an English wedding – head for the heat, style and passion of a ceremony in Cuba. That’s the stuff that real matrimonial memories are made of.

Please note: Foreign tourist wishing to marry in Cuba needs a valid passport and the following documents:

If single: Certificate of Non-impediment to marriage or Declaration with a Public Notary stating you have not been married before.

If divorced: divorced certificate,
If widow/er: marriage certificate and death certificate of deceased husband/wife.
All documents must be originals with translation into Spanish legalised at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Cuban Consulate in London.

Please contact the Cuban Conulate in London for more information: