Scuba Diving in Cuba

Scuba Diving

The seabed of Cuba’s insular shelf is very rich in plants and animals – one of the richest areas in the Caribbean.

The main characteristics of these hidden treasures – among which coral formations have an important place – are diversity enchantment. The marvellous underwater world is the habitat of a wide range of marine species of many shapes and colours.

History has added another element of greatest interest, for more that 1000 ships have gone down in these waters, including both pirate ships and galleons that were carrying treasures from the New World to the old.

There are more that 1000 species of fish; 200 kinds of sponges (cup, tubular and branch); around 60 varieties of coral; and a large number of molluscs, crustaceans, gorgonians, algae and Common Sea Fans ( Gorgonia spp.) off the Cuban coast.Caves, profusely decorated vertical walls, tunnels, cliffs and channels offer scuba divers unlimited options for both day and night dives – experiences that range from simple viewing to interaction with large fish in an atmosphere of perfect safety.