Health Services in Holguin

Health Services in Holguin

While you appreciate the beauty and the fantastic people in Holguin it is important thay you shave a list of the Holguin health services at your disposal. Let’s hope you do not need to go to them, but precaution always advisable.

There will also be a clinic in your hotel but having a list of others is handy. We do not have any specific recommendations and you should ensure your happy with your chosen provider.

Villa Quinqué – Cocal, Rehabilitation Clinic

Address: Central Road Via Bayamo Km 6.
Phone: (53 24) 468791.
Municipality: Holguín.
Province: Holguin.
Type: Rehabilitation.

Guardalavaca, International Pharmacy

Address: Calle Segunda Nº 15, Guardalavaca.
Phone: (53 24) 430312.
Town: Banes.
Province: Holguin.
Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Miramar optics

Frexes, No.212. Holguin

Tel: (53 24) 421176

ASISTUR S.A. Plaza de la Marqueta

Plaza de la Marqueta e / Martires and Maximo Gómez, Holguín, Holguín.
Tel: (53 24) 474103

ASISTUR S.A. Hotel Pernik

Jorge Dimitrov, Hotel Pernik, Holguín, Holguín
Tel: (53 24) 471580