History of Holguin

The famous Italian Admiral Christopher Columbus was  completely right about describing Holguin as “the most beautiful land” in 1492, when he landed his three caravels on the Bariay Cay, gateway to the New World. Holguin was the scene of the historic encounter between the old and new world cultures. That very spot is now National Monument Park.

It was not until 1720 that the city of Holguín was founded. The city of the parks was called with affection by its neighbours and a cross on the hill near the urban centre became another of its symbols.

The foundation of the Port of Gibaraand its habitation in 1822 changed the economic panorama of Holguín. From this province thousands of its children would form part of the ranks for the revolutionary struggle from the insurgent leader Calixto García Íñiguez to the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz.

Today it is reflected the foundation of a strong tourist pole of which Guardalavaca is the best example.