Varadero Health Services

Varadero Health Services

Varadero Health Services

Varadero Health services are amongst the best on the island. In Varadero we have a wide range of health and life well-being services, centred around the International Clinic of Varadero, the new centre for dentistry and dialysis, as well as the spas of the different hotels and those located in the Hicacos Shopping Centre, Plaza America and Plaza Las Morlas. There is also a wide network of pharmacies and optics, as well as a ASISTUR representative office.

Medical Assistance:
  • Coordination of outpatient medical tests in hospitals and homes.
  • Monitoring of the status of the patient and control of medical expenses.
  • Release and shipping of medical reports.
  • Coordination of aerial and land ambulances.
  • Procedures for documents with local institutions and foreign consulates
  • Reservation of space in Airlines.
  • Transportation of ill and deceased.
  • Internal transfers.
Spa Hicacos

Address: Hicacos Shopping Centre, Ave. Playa e / 42 y 43, Varadero.
Phone: (+5345) 614610-14.

Spa Varadero

Address: Plaza America Shopping Centre, Autopista Sur Km. 11 ½, Varadero.
Phone: (+5345) 667881/668181

Yi Spa Plaza Las Morlas

Address: Plaza Las Morlas, South Highway final, Punta de Hicacos, Varadero. Cárdenas. Matanzas
Phone: (+5345) 667330

Medical institutions, optics and pharmacies in Matanzas
International Clinic

Address: 1st. Ave. e / 60 and 61, Varadero.
Telephone: (+5345) 667710/667245.
Email: comercial@clí

Dentistry and Hemodialysis Center

Phone: (+5345) 662341
Address: Calle 27 y Avenida Playa
Request system:

Optics Varadero

Phone: (+5345) 667525
Address: 1st Ave. e / 42 y 43, Varadero

Optic Cardenas

Phone: (+ 5345) 522036
Address: Ruiz e / Calzada y Coronel Verdugo

International Clinical Pharmacy

Phone: (+5345) 667710/667711
Address: 1st Ave. Esq. A 61, Varadero

Plaza América Pharmacy

Phone: (+5345) 668042
Address: Autopista Sur Km. 11 ½, Varadero

Blau Varadero Pharmacy

Phone: (+5345) 668178
Address: Carretera Las Morlas km 15, Varadero, Cuba

Kawama Pharmacy

Phone: (+5345) 614470
Address: Calle C y Rpto. Kawama, Varadero

Royalton Hicacos Pharmacy

Phone: (+5345) 668844
Address: Autopista Sur Km. 15, Varadero

Iberostar Varadero Pharmacy

Phone: (+5345) 669999
Address: Autopista Sur Km. 15, Varadero

Hicacos Shopping Centre Pharmacy

Phone: (+5345) 667439/614614
Address: 1st. Ave. e / 44 y 46, Varadero

Cárdenas Pharmacy

Phone: (+5345) 522036
Address: Ruiz e / Calzada y Coronel Verdugo

Plaza las Morlas Pharmacy

Phone: (+5345) 669999
Direction: Autopista del Sur and Final, Hicacos Point, Varadero.

Varadero health services can also be found in the clinics in most hotels.Varadero