Cafetal Buenavista, Las Terrazas

Discover Cafetal Buenavista coffee plantation, in Las Terrazas, Cuba.


Cafetal BuenavistaThe Cafetal Buenavista is a ruin of a coffee plantation located 1.5 kilometres away from the eastern entrance of the nature protection park Las Terrazas on Cuba. French refugees built it from Haiti in 1801. It was also the first coffee plantation in Cuba. Built-in 1801, the building still remains to this day.

The vast “tajona,” the stone mill used to extract the coffee grains from its cases, is worth noting. Here, you can also visit the quarters where slaves used to be kept.

Nowadays, no more coffee is planted, but rather tourists that flock here to view the historic plantation. What used to be the attic of the building is now a restaurant with great views over the city.

You can see the plantation, the grindstone and the master’s house. It is also quite impressive as it is surrounded by nature and you’ll have nice views of the surrounding hills. You can often see large vultures circling the surrounding countryside, which makes an interesting site.

One of the reasons we love Cuba so much is the varied and often dramatic history the country has. As we always say, there is nowhere on earth quite like Cuba. You can pair a visit to historical sites with staying at a beach resort. Cuba has some fantastic beaches like Cayo Coco.

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