Salto del Arco Iris Waterfall

The Salto del Arco Iris Waterfall is just one of the many marvels of Cuba. It is located in the heart of a lush tropical forest, with trees reaching heights of 35 meters. This touristic centre was built around the waterfalls of the Manantiales river, in Soroa, Artemisa, Cuba.

Salto de Arco Iris WaterfallThe Salto del Arco Iris, also known as Salto de Soroa, is a waterfall which reaches a massive 22 meters in height and features a natural pool to swim. To get down to the pool, you have to descend along a steep stair of 279 steps across the forest.

There is a restaurant at the bottom of the stairs. The best period to visit this area is from May to October because during the rainy season the landscape is much more beautiful.

On the other side of the waterfall, you will find the Roman baths. From here, we also advise you to go hike all the way to the top of El Fuerte hill to visit Castillo de las Nubes castle, an incredibly charming building nowadays housing an overlook-restaurant.

The area is famous for being perfect for birdwatching if not the best in western Cuba. There are many interesting guided tours for those who want to investigate more in-depth into the area.

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