Playa Sirena

Playa Sirena BeachThe spectacular Playa Sirena (Siren Beach) is Cayo Largo’s best-equipped, widest and most stable off-resort beach. This pristine beach is part of the Cayo Largo area called the western beaches, with Playa Paraiso and Playa Mal Tiempo. You won’t find any hotel theere, but a full range of services are available to accommodate tourists (see below). Playa Sirena is the only beach in Cayo Largo covered with dozens of palm trees providing lots of natural shade (in addition to many palapas). On every other beach, shade is provided by palapas.


The beach is at the western tip of Cayo Largo, about 7 to 11 km from the hotels. It’s accessible via a sandy path.

How to get there:

  • Taxi: 2-3 CUC per person one way.
  • Shuttle (bus + boat): 8 CUC per person round trip
  • Rented ATV or scooter
  • Walking the beach: About 1½ hour from hotel Sol Cayo Largo, about 2-2½ hours from the Bella Isla Resort (depending on beach condition).

Unlike the beaches in front of the hotels, the sea here is always calm. The western beaches are therefore an excellent alternative when the sea in front of the hotel zone is a little too agitated (red flag), or when the beach of a hotel has suffered erosion after strong winds or tide shits.

Another good reason to visit is the opportunity to practice non-motorized water sports. Given that the sea in front of the hotel zone (Playa Lindarena and Playa Blanca) can be agitated most of the time (therefore less safe for water sports), in 2007 all non-motorized equipment (pedal boat, kayak, hobbie cat, windsurfing, snorkelling, etc.) were brought to Playa Sirena because of its ever calm waters. The “Punto Nautico Playa Sirena” is now the only non-motorized water sports centre in Cayo Largo, and is accessible to all tourists on the island with the all-inclusive plan.

Services at the beach include:

Nautical excursions, non-motorized water sports, palapas (beach umbrellas), sun loungers (for rent, 5 CUC each for the day), 2 bars, a restaurant, a massage hut, a souvenirs shop, bathrooms, and changing rooms. Note that only the non-motorized water sports are included, other services (food, drinks, massages) are not part of your all-inclusive package.

Note that naturism is not allowed at Playa Sirena, but the stretch of beach east (toward Playa Paraiso) is clothing optional, so is Playa Paraiso.

The beach is regularly visited by excursionists doing a day-trip to Cayo Largo from other tourist poles on the main island of Cuba, so it can get more “crowed” sometimes (compared with other virgins beaches in Cayo Largo). Nevertheless, this beach is so long and wide that it never seems “too” crowded.


It is strictly forbidden to ride ATVs (or any other kind of vehicle) on the beach.
If you decide to take the long walk from your hotel to the western beaches, bring water, apply sunscreen, wear a hat, and bring sandals (you may sometimes have to step on rocks depending on beach conditions and tide).
Please respect this pristine environment; always pick up your trash.
Please, do not take starfish out of the water; this marine animal does not breathe air! Only a few minutes (or a few seconds repeatedly) is enough for them to die, they can also die of stress, they are not a toy!
Cayo Largo’s beaches are nesting sites for sea turtles (May to September). Never disturbed sea turtles during nesting season, they are susceptible to disturbance, which may prevent them from laying their eggs. Never step on a nest or disturb hatching.

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