Cayo Paredon

Cayo Paredon Grande (a.k.a. Cayo Paredon) is a tiny island of only 8.7 km2. The islands nearby are Cayo Romano (770 km2), Cayo Coco (370 km2) and Cayo Guillermo (13 km2). These islands are located in the King’s Gardens archipelago (Jardines del Rey in Spanish). This little paradise is located north of the largest island of the archipelago, Cayo Romano, in the province of Camagüey in Cuba. 

Playa Los Pinos, Playa del Norte and Playa Los Lirios are the names of the beautiful beaches of fine white sand with turquoise waters in the Atlantic Ocean. The beaches are located on the northside of the island. The south and west sector are composed of mangroves and lagoons.

Jardines del ReyFaro Paredon is the name of the lighthouse located in the north sector of the island. It also named Faro Diego Velazquez, the first to explore these islands off Cuba’s north coast in 1514. At a height of 40 meters (130 feet), its construction began in 1857 and ended in 1859, the year of the inauguration is exactly 100 years before the victory of the modern Cuban revolution. This lighthouse is still in use.

We were fortunate to visit the lighthouse in spring 2014 and the local guide, William, explained to us its history and its operation. We made a YouTube video of the Faro Paredon. The view on the top floor is just beautiful. Do not forget your mosquito repellent, because they are very greedy in the trail from the parking lot to the lighthouse.

Cayo Paredon is well known for fly fishing. We dedicated a section about fishing in Cayo Paredon.

To reach Cayo Paredon, there is only one road from the neighbouring island of Cayo Coco. You must first take a bridge that divides Ciego de Avila and Camaguey, then two smaller bridges to finally arrive on the island of Cayo Paredon, about 30 km away from Cayo Coco (CCC) International airport. These bridges were under renovation (2014) for the beginning of the construction of new hotels.

It is not hard to see how these islands became known as the King’s Gardens. They really are stunning. Call us free today on 0800 270 7644 to book your luxury Cuba holiday!