Malecon de Cienfuegos

Enjoy a beautiful sunset on the Malecon de Cienfuegos, one of the most beautiful in Cuba.

Malecon CienfuegosThe Malecón (seawall) in Cienfuegos starts at the Paseo del Prado and ends in the Punta Gorda area. Colourful buildings, spiky palms and the eternal Caribbean make this walk a true reproduction of the collective imagination of beautiful Cuba.

In this country, the “Malecón” or seawall is basically a retaining wall of the sea, which in other Spanish-speaking places, is known as a “Paseo Maritimo” or promenade. In this area of the city, different festivals are celebrated, such as the famous Cienfuegos carnivals. It is also a social meeting point for the inhabitants, which means that you can enjoy a purely Cuban atmosphere every day.

It takes about 30-minutes to tour the Malecon where you will enjoy the smell of the sea breeze and witness the architectural jewel of the Palacio del Valle (Valle Palace), inspired by Spanish Arab architecture. The Malecón is located towards the southwest, which makes it a strategic point for sunset lovers.

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