Palmira, Cuba

Explore Palmira, a city renowned for its Santeria brotherhoods, in Cienfuegos, Cuba

Palmira CubaPalmira is a city located just 12 kilometres to the north of Cienfuegos, Cuba, famous for its Santeria brotherhoods, among which can be found those of Cristo, San Roque, and Santa Bárbara.

To learn more about them, you should visit the amazing Palmira City Museum.

The city boasts unique African traditions, especially those of the Yoruba communities, dedicated to the Cult of Orisha.

The main holidays in this municipality are Fiesta de Santa Bárbara, a Yoruba holiday with music on December 4th, or the Santa Bárbara Procession, the most worshipped deity of Palmira. During this procession, the virgin is carried around the street to the rhythm of a drum. The Bembé Fiestas, some of the grandest and loudest fiestas with drums, singing, and dancing between the 4th and 9th of October.

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Palmira Cuba