Rancho Luna Beach

Have a refreshing swim at the picturesque Rancho Luna Beach in Cienfuegos, Cuba

Rancho Luna BeachRancho Luna is a small and picturesque beach area located 18 kilometres to the South of Cienfuegos, near Jagua Bay, Cuba.

The area features two hotel complexes, but – unlike other resorts in Cuba – you can stay in your own private house at or close to the Beach.

A coral reef protects the beach, and the coast offers the perfect setting for diving, with more than 30 diving spots just 20 minutes away by boat.

The recommended snorkelling area covers the reef which faces Rancho Luna beach. Swimming away from the beach, the first meters are covered with sandy, rocky and grassy seabeds (3-6ft/1-2 m).

The seagrass meadows serve as hiding places for many fish, including horse-eye jack, bluehead wrasse, slippery dick and several species of damselfish. Among the rocks, pay attention to sea urchins, which are pretty numerous in the area.

You can walk into the sea from over 30 spots on the beach but we always recommend you follow local information at all times.

To get here, you can take one of the daily buses departing from Cienfuegos, Jagua ferry, or a taxi from Cienfuegos (which shouldn’t cost any more than 10 CUP).

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Rancho Luna Beach