Cienfuegos Cuba Holidays

You will know that you’re in Cienfuegos Cuba Holidays because of the beauty and exquisite elegance of the streets and buildings. Not for nothing did Benny Moré, the “Bárabaro del Ritmo,” baptize it “the city that I like the most”; and many call it La Perla del Sur (The Southern Pearl). In this town of calm waters, you can find buildings with colonial, gothic, neoclassical and art deco styles. If you go to Punta Gorda, you’ll notice the rise of Art Nouveau in houses and villas built by local aristocrats in the early and mid-twentieth centuries. UNESCO declared this a World Heritage Site.

Not to miss

  • City tourism. Cienfuegos is known for being one of the most beautiful and well-preserved cities in the country. The architectural diversity gives the city a personality of its own within Cuba. It is a relatively small city, with a port and a promenade that deserve some time during your trip. In addition, you can find perfectly preserved historical sites.
  • Learn about Cuban music. This city was the birthplace of one of the most iconic figures in Cuban music: Benny Moré. In addition to a life-size statue on the boulevard, the presence of this musician is in the air, as many places pay tribute to him.
  • Rest up to continue your trip. Cienfuegos is in the centre of the country, and from here, you can go to multiple exciting destinations as you continue your trip.  You can head on your way to the Cata del Nicho, Topes de Collantes and the city of Trinidad. Each of these sites is an authentic gem of the Cuban landscape.
  • José Martí Park. Located in the centre of the city, it is surrounded by government buildings, a cathedral, the famous theatre Tomás Terry and has the Arc de Triomf, unique in Cuba.
  • Club Cienfuegos: You can enjoy Cuban music, disco and pop. While you order a mojito, you can see the bay up close—an ideal spot to make friends in the city.
  • Yacht Club. Built in 1925 and located near the bay, it was originally a yacht club and a place to play water sports. Now it’s home to an artificial beach.
  • Paladar Aché. It opened its doors at the beginning of 1990, one of the first private restaurants in that city. It features modern architecture and a contour map on the wall with the cultural icons of Cienfuegos. A reasonable and elegant place to eat.
How to get there

To get to Cienfuegos from Havana or any other province, you can book a shuttle. The airport is on the outskirts of the city, 7 km away from the city centre. If you go by car, you can access the province by getting off the National Highway in Aguada de Pasajeros. This will put you on the Carretera Central, which will take you directly to the centre of Cienfuegos.

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