Varadero Currency Exchange

The national currency in Cuba is the Cuban Peso (CUP). It also circulates the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC), used as a means of exchanging foreign currencies, for exchange rates visit the website of the Cuban Metropolitan Bank.

Tips for the traveller: Varadero Currency Exchange

  • In the airports there are Currency Exchange Offices (CADECAS) open 24 hours, we suggest when you arrive in Cuba, change your money to CUC before leaving the airport.
  • Always change in CADECA (official exchange houses) or Banks, avoid changing with unauthorised persons for these purposes.
  • In Cuba, you can change the following currencies: Canadian dollar, British pound, Mexican peso, Swiss franc, Euro, Danish crown, Norwegian crown, Swedish crown, Japanese yen, Cuban peso and US dollar.
  • CUCs are not valid or changeable outside of Cuban territory. When you leave the country, you can change your surplus money to euros, sterling or dollars again. If it is in dollars, the 10% tax does not apply – There is no fee for departure from the airport for our customers.
  • VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards are accepted as long as US banks or their subsidiaries have not issued them. With both cards, you can withdraw money at Banks, CADECAS and ATMs. Note that: If the branch of the Bank issuing your card in your country is from a United States bank, your card will NOT be accepted.
  • Traveller Checks are not changed.

Important Information

Brace yourself: the use of CUC at shops and restaurants inside Cuba airports, including Varadero and Havana Airport, was recently banned. This means that you should avoid taking CUC to Cuban airports at all costs because:

  • The long lines at the airport’s CADECA office will make you cringe. This is especially worse after the ban on CUC at airports.
  • Some travellers have reported that CADECA offices at airports won’t exchange more than 300 CUC.
  • You are not allowed to export CUC anyway. Airport authorities will likely confiscate your CUCs.

Varadero Currency Exchange